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Listen, you’re not a rapper. Dont dress like one. I don’t want to see your starfish boxers. Have you seen someone who doesn’t wear a belt? Does it ever work? No. An essential of a proper wardrobe is a good belt. I also love suspenders and braces but thats another post. Ok, enough ranting lets get into it. A belt can be a minor statement that will articulate what type of person you are. Living off of one belt would be very difficult. We’ll cover four different go-to’s. 

☞ The woven leather: I love mine. Mine came from coach but they don’t seem to make one anymore. This works for all different occasions great with khaki shorts or jeans. A subtle statement. A classic: LL BEAN 39.50

☞The fun one: Need a little flair? Some personal interest. Something simple. Check out Vineyard Vines’ classic canvas belt: 45.00

☞ Getting a little nicer: Smathers & Branson. Embroidered belts are cool, they are classic. If your grandmother doesn’t have the time on her hands its ok you can get one too. I love these they are a great statement and can be worn at with a particular swagger. 165.00 monogramed add 35.00

☞ A safe bet: Allen Edmonds make good leather products, scratch that exceptional leather products. Get a mature belt no one can mock and wont make you look too casual.

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